In februari 2016 heeft de stichting persoonlijk kennis kunnen maken met broeder Henry Ibrahim. Een geïnspireerd man en gedreven om het werk van broeder Wladimir voort te zetten. Hij zal voor ons het toezicht blijven houden in Malawi en ons van alle ontwikkelingen op de hoogte houden.

On September 15, 1993 I took my first vows. In the intervening years I earned a qualification as a Primary School Teacher and had been in Ghana for initial religious Formation. As a novice I was required to spend some time with Deaf Children in Mary View. I worked in the pre-school for four months where I felt inadequately prepared as teacher for special needs children.

In 2008 I was transferred to Mary View where I got acquainted with the CARITAS work, an initiative of Br Wladmir. This was a great inspiration for me and I was happy to give a helping hand whenever needed. My love for Deaf children was reawakened when I returned to Mary View. I do not teach them in class, but I love to spend time with them.

Henry Anthony Ibrahim

Henry Anthony Ibrahim

In 2015 I was asked to head our FIC Maintenance Team in Malawi. Through the Deaf Care Foundation for Malawi we have been able to renovate convents and hostels in our three schools in Mary View, Mountain View and Mua. The Work is on-going and gratifying. Wherever, the money from the Foundation has been spent, we are creating a more conducive environment to learning for people in great need.